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Rotating room divider louvre wall

Rotating louvres created this large bespoke space divider for a contemporary home.

Careful planning and calculations preceded exacting making of these huge rotating louvres. The wonderful home felt a little too open plan for the clients and a way of separating the dining space off from a corridor was desired. The PCF solution of full height rotating walnut louvres with an in built door delivered the best of all scenarios.

The enormous rotating partitions sit on bespoke pivots which PCF designed and commissioned for the project.

The scale of the room divider is quite something – the overall dimensions are 4.5m tall by 6m wide. The rotating louvres are operated as one by a linking solid walnut bar handle with more bespoke metalwork for the connecting pivots.

The overall impression of the room divider is “Wow”. The clients and PCF are delighted with the results.